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Wednesday, May 30
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Raúl Pérez Tasting

Join us to taste the incomparably unique and delicious wines of Northwest Spain’s “rockstar” winemaker Raúl Pérez. Raúl’s wines are stunning reflections of place, and we can’t wait to learn about their terroir and story!
Raúl Pérez makes wine in several different regions of Spain’s northwest, but he makes his home (and some of his finest wines) in Bierzo. For this tasting, we will explore Raúl’s “Ultreia” wines. The wines in the Ultreia series follow the Burgundy model: a pair of entry-level “village” wines from multiple sites and then a collection of single-vineyard expressions. The majority of these vineyards are located in the village of Valtuille de Abajo, where the Pérez family has lived and worked for generations.
Join us to welcome Andrew Mulligan, Spanish portfolio manager of Skurnik Wines
$25 per person*
(*tasting fee refunded with purchase of 6 Raúl Pérez wines)
We will taste 6 Raúl Pérez wines, with cheese and charcuterie:
2015 La Vizcaina de Vinos, “La del Vivo,” Bierzo Blanco  $39.99
2016  “Ultreia Saint Jacques” Bierzo Tinto  $21.99
2015  “Ultreia” Bierzo Tinto  $33.99
2016 Castro Candaz, “A Boca do Demo,” Ribeira Sacra  $52.99
2015 La Vizcaina de Vinos, “El Rapolao,” Bierzo Tinto  $39.99
2015 “Ultreia de Valtuille,” Bierzo Tinto  $74.99
Parking in our front lot is extremely limited!  Please park in the free, 5 level parking deck located directly behind the shop.


Thursday, June 14
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Portovino Imports Tasting

Taste the funky–and delicious–underbelly of Italian wine with Portovino! Details coming soon.

Friday, June 15
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Chenin Blanc Tasting in celebration of Drink Chenin Day!

Join us to celebrate the most versatile white grape–Chenin Blanc! Its International #Drinkchenin Day, so we’ll be pouring a wide variety of Chenin Blanc from across the world, from bone-dry to dessert-sweet, and everything in between! Details coming soon.

Monday, June 18
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Mauro Molino Tasting

Taste the fine Piedmont wines of Mauro Molino! Details coming soon.

Thursday, June 21
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Maison Brotte Tasting

Join us to taste the fine reds and whites of Maison Brotte, an excellent producer in France’s Southern Rhone Valley. More details coming soon!

Wednesday, June 27
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Loire Valley Tasting

Explore the amazing diversity and value of France’s Loire Valley! Details coming soon