Perrine's Wine Shop


Perrine Prieur

Owner, Certified Sommelier

James Nichols

Certified Sommelier

James began his wine journey while attending college, as a part-time stocker at his local liquor store. After months of refilling the wine shelves, he began to wonder, “what is so good about this stuff?” So, between 6 packs of craft beer and pints of cheap whiskey, he began to buy the occasional bottle of vino. It didn’t take long for him to see the light, and he caught the wine bug hard ( a bottle of jammy, old vine Zinfandel did it). Since then, he has worked as the “wine guy” at several retail stores around Atlanta, touring wineries and vineyards around the world, bugging winemakers and vignerons with ever-geekier interrogations. 4 years ago, James was lucky enough to join Perrine at the shop, where he has happily worked ever since. He especially loves helping customers find the perfect wine for their special meals; the moment when he “zeroes in” on a customer’s wine palate is the most rewarding part of working at Perrine’s.

When he isn’t drinking and selling wine, James enjoys spending time with his wife and friends, playing guitar in metal bands, hiking Georgia’s mountain trails, bumming around Atlanta, and reading. Although he has yet to find a wine style he doesn’t like, pour him a glass of fine Loire Valley Chenin Blanc or Oregon Pinot Noir, and he’s in heaven.

Bethany Taylor



Certified Greeter

Woof! I was a starving, scared puppy when Perrine rescued me in 2014. But when she took me in and brought me to the shop, I knew I’d found my home! I love saying hi to our customers, especially kids and other dogs. Sometimes I can be a bit shy, but a little rub behind the ears is all I need to warm up to you!