Megan Carty Goizueta

Chief of Staff

Megan met Perrine first as a customer when she first moved to Atlanta in 2013, but then became her wine rep for a local distribution company that specialized in small production wineries. She joined Perrine’s team July of 2021 after falling in love with the concept of supporting biodynamic and organic wines.
Megan is from the coast of Mississippi. She studied Horticulture and Landscape Design in college while working in restaurants, and through a very niche crossing of industries found her passion in the world of wine. Megan is currently pursuing a Master's in Champagne from the Wine Scholar Guild. Her favorite part about working at Perrine’s is the consistent exposure to incredible producers around the world, and endless education of this beautiful industry. As a fellow woman having worked in male dominated industries, the opportunity to learn from Perrine has been a priceless gift she does not take for granted.