2022 Les Vignerons de Florensac Picpoul de Pinet "Flores", Languedoc- Roussillon, France

Le Picpoul from Cave de Florensac is a really lively wine with aromas of citrus and white fruits. The palate is fresh over notes of lemon and grapefruit. It's hard to miss out when you treat yourself to some seafood and fish dishes. Its quality will enhance any well-made dish! Equally suitable as an aperitif or as a table wine, and it can be consumed all year round without letting you down.



The vineyard of Florensac is one of the oldest vineyards near the French Mediterranean Coast. The area is ancient, full of remains from being a Roman communication and trade route. The Vignerons (the winemakers) have a deep history and connection to the land. The varietal Piquepoul ("to bite the lips") has natural high acidity and produces wines with great brightness. This Picpoul de Pinet is exceptional. Salty seaside, lemon rind, white flowers, hibiscus, macadamia, peach pit on the nose. Peach fuzz and orange citrus fight for attention on a beautifully minerally and bright palate with saline undertones + lemony finish.


Established in the crossroads of a Domitian communication and trade route, and the ancient Roman ports of Sete and Agde, Florensac is one of the oldest vineyard sites on the Mediterranean coastline. Today, les Vignerons de Florensac strength lies in the 260 growers that contribute to the Cave providing both the highest quality of grapes in the region and contributions to building of Vinipolis, their oenological tourism project.