2019 L' Arco Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore, Veneto, Italy


The Ripasso style refers to the repassing of fresh juice over the dried, pressed skins after the Amarone is made. This process makes for a truly enjoyable wine, combining complex fruit flavors of both dried and fresh fruit.

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Wine made from autochthonous Valpolicella grapes (corvina, rondinella, molinara). For produce this wine is used the traditional technique of Ripasso which consists in a second alcoholic fermentation on Amarone’s marcs. Ruby red coloured, intense bouquet and excellent structure.It combines very well with grilled meat dishes. To fully enjoy all of the organoleptic characters of Valpolicella Classico Superiore l’Arco, it should be uncorked 4 hours before serving. Serve at 17°C.


The Estate takes its name from a stone arch, called “Arco di Giove”, well in sight on the road to Negrar (one of the seven historic Valpolicella counties) and near the farmhouse where the Fedrigo family resided until a few years ago. The arch, dating from 1500/1600, was one of a series of seven arches along
the hillside path near S. Vito di Negrar. It is a name that awakens memories of the past for Luca Fedrigo, which he has wanted to pass into the wines produced by him; Luca, has worked for many years in a prestigious Valpolicella’s cellar, which must his experience and gratitude, it proposes like a young establishment but with an ancient hearth, dynamic and well-based, able to offer a product that is unique for its origins and which retains all the traditions tied to Valpolicella.


Vintage 2018
Producer L'Arco
Wine Type Red Wine
Grape(s) Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara
Appellation Valpolicella
Region Veneto
Country Italy
Farming Organic