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Score Big With Your Super Bowl Wine Selection!

How exciting that Atlanta is hosting Super Bowl LIII! Your team may have sucked this year, but that doesn’t mean your game day wine has to!! This city is going to be full of epic game day parties, and we want to make sure you have the best wine selection for your favorite football food.

For spicy foods like hot chicken wings or jalapeño poppers, you want something cold, refreshing, and slightly off-dry in your glass to counteract the harsh burn of the spiciness. Try a fruity, bubbly Prosecco like the NV Zingara, or 2017 Teutonic Wine Company “Sprockets” white blend from Oregon.

Planning a large pot of chili? Get your hands on a bottle of jammy, fruity red like Grenache or juicy red blend like the 2014 Big Basin Vineyards “Homestead” – bold enough to stand up to the chili but not too heavy or oaky.

Whether you are making homemade pepperoni pizza or ordering take out, you are safe with a bottle of light Italian red like Dolcetto or Barbera, the acidity will cut through the oily pizza and the unoaked fruit-forward flavors will pair perfectly with spicy pepperoni. Or try something fun like Lambrusco! This slightly sweet chill-able fizzy red is always pairing great with spicy pizza. One of our favorites is the NV Denny Bini Lambrusco dell’Emilia.

Guacamole is a game day must have in our book! The salty, zesty citrus notes play nicely with Txakolina, a light white Spanish wine with a slight effervescence. Try the 2017 Gaintza Txakolia.

Getting the grill out? Beef and Pinot Noir are a natural fit. If you are serving up burgers or sliders, open a bottle of the 2015 Brooks Pinot Noir from Oregon – slightly riper with a touch of oak and juicy red fruits.

Queso dip or nachos are always a perfect fit for any sparkling rose! The acidity and bubbles cut through the fat in the cheese and bring out the yummy saltiness. We have too many favorites to share – just stop in and ask us about our favorite sparkling roses!!

Regardless of who you are rooting for, make sure that your wine selection wins big!