Claudio Gallardo

Sales Director

Claudio is originally from Quito, Ecuador but has lived in the US since the age of 12. Although his academic studies are in engineering, his passion has always been sales and customer service.

Claudio has worked in sales for over 2 decades, cutting his teeth at Limited Brands where he started as a part time stock associate and worked his way up Management. After having accomplished his goal in fashion sales, Claudio switched paths and moved onto wine and spirits distribution. As a distributor of fine wine and spirits, he found the joy and love for wine (Perrine herself might have also had a strong influence…).

As our Sales Director, Claudio oversees all aspects of sales, marketing, and customer experience. In his words “working for a growing company is a really beautiful experience, you are able to touch so many different aspects of it and watch them flourish”. As part of our ever-growing educational program, Claudio is currently working on his Burgundy Master Level taught by the Wine Scholar Guild and is hopeful to finish by the end of this year.