Terms and Conditions | Wine Club

Membership Requirements

  • Age Requirement: You must be at least 21 years old to become a member of Perrine’s Wine Club.


Wine Club Pick Up

  • Availability: Your Wine Club selection will be ready for pick up on the 1st of each month or the next open business day.
  • Location: As per GA Law, alcohol cannot be transferred between shop locations. Therefore, you must pick up your wine from the location where you signed up. If you wish to switch locations, please inform us.
  • Unclaimed Subscriptions: Wine Club subscriptions that have not been picked up for over two months may be paused until the wine is collected.



  • Automatic Renewal: Your Wine Club membership will be automatically renewed on the 1st of each month or on your preferred date.



  • Shipping Restrictions: GA Law prohibits us from shipping wine.
  • Delivery Area: We offer delivery within the city limits of Atlanta and Sandy Springs. If you are unsure about your address, please contact us for confirmation.
  • Delivery Requirements: An adult over 21 years old must show ID and sign for the delivery. You can schedule a convenient delivery time via the monthly email, If we do not see your delivery schedule we will contact you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum commitment for a Perrine’s Wine Club subscription?

  • No, there is no minimum commitment. You can cancel at any time through your online profile or via email to your preferred shop. Please provide a 48-hour notice before the billing date (1st of each month).


Can I modify the wine selection?

  • Our wine clubs are curated by Perrine herself and do not allow substitutions. However, we can customize a selection for you outside of the PWC subscription.


When and where is the Perrine’s Wine Club ready?

  • All wine clubs are ready for pick up at your preferred shop on the 1st of each month. If the 1st is a Sunday or holiday, it will be ready the next business day.


How can I switch my wine club selection?

  • You can switch your wine club tier 48 hours before your billing date through your online account or by emailing your preferred shop.


Do I automatically get charged every month (even if I don’t pick up)?

  • Yes, our system automatically charges every month on the 1st. If your subscription is not picked up after two months and we cannot reach you, we may pause your subscription.


Can I pause my subscription?

  • Yes, you can pause your subscription for up to 9 months. To reactivate, you can do so on your online profile or via email. During the pause, you will not be eligible for the PWC discount.


I am going away for a few months. Can you hold my wines?

  • We can hold your wines for up to two months. If you are away for longer, we can deliver them or pause your PWC.


Are there ever rosés? What about sparkling wines?

  • Yes, Perrine selects wines based on the season. You will receive rosés in the warmer months and often sparkling wines in December in the Original Club. We also offer Les Bulles and Champagne for sparkling wine lovers.


What if I like a wine club wine? Can I buy more of it?

  • Some wine club wines are very limited, but if we have more available, you can purchase them. As a club member, you always receive a 10% discount on all wines, excluding those priced ending in .99.


What if I don’t like a wine?

  • If you believe the wine is faulty, please bring it back for tasting. If the wine is not faulty but you dislike the varietal, we will discuss and find the best solution for you.


What kind of wines are in the wine club?

  • Perrine curates all selections, focusing on terroir-driven wines that express the flavors of their regions. The selection varies seasonally, with lighter reds in summer and fuller ones in winter.


How do I cancel?

  • You can cancel your membership immediately by calling or emailing your preferred shop or on your online profile.


Are there any other benefits to being a club member?

  • Yes, all wine club members receive a 10% discount on wine purchases at all our locations, regardless of the quantity.