Perrine Prieur Gallardo

CEO - Founder - Owner
Certified Sommelier, Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS)

Perrine was born and raised in Burgundy, France, where her family still lives. Her family had a significant influence on her love for food and wine, farmers and winegrower, and she learned early on that quality products make the best dishes or wines. At 15, Perrine attended a culinary school in France. During those four years, she traveled extensively throughout France, working in various kitchens and eventually deciding to pursue her wine passion. "The night a customer gave me a taste of 1945 Chateau D'Yquem, I understood I'll be missing out if I only worked in the kitchen.”

She soon after started at a Sommelier school in Dijon and learned a lot about wine.

She worked as a sommelier in the 2 Michelin Star restaurant Le Gavroche in London. There, Perrine could expand her knowledge, taste incredible wines and maintain the rigorous Michelin Star standards. Perrine's original dream was to open a wine bar in France, but she wasn't yet ready to settle in Burgundy after this experience in London.

In 2006, she moved to Atlanta and worked at JOËL Restaurant; in 2010, she opened Perrine's Wine Shop on the Westside.

"I wanted to create a different atmosphere for the wine shop: fresh, light, bright, and welcoming. So often, I felt like I didn't belong to this male-dominated profession. I wanted every customer to feel welcomed and to not feel intimidated by wine. It's a beverage everyone should enjoy and learn more about it if your heart is in it. Wine is Simple; we are making it complicated."