1984 Emidio Pepe Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Abruzzo, Italy

With its perfumed mix of dried flowers, spices and savory plum sauce, the bouquet on the 1984 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Vecchie Vigne reminds more of an exotic herbal tea or florist shop than wine. Its color remains remarkably vibrant with only a slight browning around the rim. Still vivid, it impresses further with a pure and finessed expression on the palate, driven by vibrant acidity that hides its age well, while ushering in citrus-tinged, crunchy pomegranate. This is so remarkably fresh through the finale, yet also long, finishing on a sour twang as inner rose and hints of blood orange fade. The product of a cold and rainy vintage that resulted in a late harvest, the 1984 is in fine form today, showing beautifully.


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No chemicals and the wine is fermented spontaneously with low-intervention winemaking. It is bottled unfined and unfiltered. Low in sulphites. Average vine age of 55+ years. The harvest is exclusively manual, selecting only the perfect grapes. All grape harvesting is done by hand. The cement tanks with which Emidio began in 1964 are still used today, even the ability of cement to never age marries the founding principles of our winemaking.


Emidio Pepe founded his winery in 1964, after working alongside his father and his grandfather which already back in 1889 where making wine at Casa Pepe. Before anyone else, he strongly believed in the great ageing potential of Trebbiano and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and he dedicated all his energies to those two indigenous grape varietals, proving their incredible potential and showing it to the entire world. 

"Ours is a family run business and all that really counts is in our history, deeply rooted in our land and it is handed down from generation to generation. Still farmers deep inside: while everything changes, grows, evolves with time, our way of taking on the work and the life has remained the same. Today, under the proud gaze of Emidio and Rosa, the main guarantors of this tradition are Sofia and Daniela, together with the young granddaughters Chiara and Elisa. Sofia is the guardian of the oenological knowledge, she follows all the aspects related to the production and the quality, while Daniela follows in first person the administration and financial aspects of the winery. Chiara, Daniela’s daughter, follows the export markets and Elisa, who has just turned eighteen, is starting to support and help the winery world."-From the winery.

Torano Nuovo is in the center of an uncontaminated Nature still provided of its times, able to generate unforgettable fruits through its soils and still capable of holding the idea of labor as a gift and able to transform the passion for the land in immutable love. The climate balances the soft and sapid influence of the sea together with the cold streams from the Gran Sasso Mountain, giving birth to a perfect condition that allows a slow and progressive ripening of the flavours and creating an ideal balance between sugars and acidity. The clay and limestone soil hosts the roots, which go down for several meters, the soil also provides and feeds them with a specific minerality that allows the wine to have complexity and longevity. A combination of soil and climate factors: the location of the vineyards exposed to a large solar arc, the different temperature range between day and night that helps the filling sugars in the grapes and the constant wind prevents bacteria and diseases to develop – all this defines Torano Nuovo, a town from incredible vine vocation.


Grape(s) Montepulciano
Farming Biodynamic