2016 Château Le Puy "Emilien", Bordeaux, France 1.5L MAG

The robe is garnet red, with hints of ruby in the younger wines and a touch of orange in the older vintages, with a diaphanous onion-skin finesse to the oldest bottles. The nose is fruity, with ripe red fruit aromas dominated by blackcurrant and redcurrant, accented with roasted almond notes and occasional hints of mushrooms and undergrowth. The palate is well-rounded, full-bodied and precise, with velvety tannins paving the way for a finish is long and enjoyably complex.


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The average age of the vines is 50 years and no synthetic treatments have ever been used at the estate, which is certified biodynamic. Harvest is manual, the grapes are entirely destemmed and the cuvaison is long, continuing for two to four weeks. Only indigenous yeast is utilized, no chapitalisation is done nor is SO2 used during the fermentation. The “elevage” of the Le Puy wines is done according to the lunar rhythm. The two essential red cuvées of the estate, “Emilien” and “Barthelemy” are raised in barrel for 24 months. The wines are neither fined nor filtered before bottling. Jean-Pierre Amoreau and his son, Pascal, oversee the vineyards and vinification.


15 generations of Amoreau have worked this very special land to produce wines in respect of a family expertise which has been patiently acquired and passed down. They have sought to create a harmony with their environment by systematically refusing the use of chemical products. From the micro-organisms living in the soil to the various plants, animals and insects on the estate, they maintain and preserve that balance right to the glass of wine on your table. This process within an eco-system is the fruit of a collaboration between all the elements in the chain of life: humans, animals, plants and bacteria live together in symbiosis to bring you the purest and most enjoyable wines.


Grape(s) Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
Farming Biodynamic