2016 El Perla Pais Carignan Maule

Grown in the salt-rich soil of the deep valley floor of the Maule mountains. This dry-farmed gem is a mixture of Carignan and País. Bright and well leveled acidity with a fresh nose and palate. A steal for this off the beaten path blend.


El Perla blends a cool climate, fresh and with high acidity Carignan, together with the rusticity, structure and moderated alcohol levels of the País grape. These are all centennial, dry farmed, bush trained vines, planted on rather steep hills, all characteristics that makes these wines a fantastic “food wine”.

With a minimal intervention mindset, the wine is aged in concrete vats for a year, and then for an additional 6 months bottle aging.

Diego Morales is one of the country’s Chile’s leading “revivalist” of Chilean wine. With a permanent seat in the INIA, developing agriculturalists to blend their centennial grapes with more up to date methods of winemaking, Diego Morales is at the forefront of looking back to Chile's
wine heritage. With a passion for keeping the deep Maule growing traditions, the grapes are hand picked using straw baskets (mimbre) and still uses horses for plowing his site.


Grape(s) Carignan, Pais