2021 Ernesto Catena Malbec "Padrillos", Mendoza, Argentina

Young profile, has a fresh style and violet floral aromas with flavors of plum, cherries, dried berries, and a slight feeling of white pepper on the finish. Ideal to consume now while is not losing its lively and indomitable vitality.



This Malbec is aged in oak barrels (50% French, 50% American neutral) for 6 months. A young and fresh style it is ideal to drink while young and robust. Violet floral aromas and flavors of plums, cherries, dried berries, and a lingering aftertaste of white peppercorn.


Founded by Ernesto Catena, a fourth-generation winemaker of Italian descent, Padrillos wines are inspired by Ernesto’s passion for horses. Ernesto has more than 30 retired polo ponies from his own stud farm that now enjoy life on his vineyards in Mendoza. Padrillos (stallions) expresses the wild spirit of Argentina’s true varietals. Having spent a part of his life working as a designer and being a fervent student of the Renaissance humanism, Ernesto sees it as his mission to transform everything in his wine world into art, from growing the grapes to making wine to selling it.

Ernesto and his team admire the local Inca and Mayan traditions. The majority of the buildings at the winery are inspired by pre-Columbian architecture.

The winery believes in organic and biodynamic agriculture and the connection between us, nature and the universe. Ernesto Catena Vineyards is a work of art in constant metamorphosis, growing under a biodynamic and natural philosophy, in which all the composing elements work in synchrony.


Grape(s) Malbec
Farming Sustainable