2016 Lingua Franca “Hope Well” Pinot Noir, Eola-Amity Hills, Oregon, USA

The Hope Well Pinot Noir is round with mouth-filling texture and a persisting finish. Notes of rose petals and exotic spices complement red fruit flavors for an impressive Pinot.


Lingua Franca was co-founded by Larry Stone, David Honig, and Dominique Lafon in 2015, inspired by the exceptional vineyard site in the Eola-Amity Hills that Larry bought in 2012. They soon hired Thomas Savre, a brilliant young winemaker with work experience at some of the best domaines in Burgundy and an inquisitive mind. All are committed to farming and winemaking practices that respect the environment, believing that complex and undisturbed ecosystems help to create the most complex and seductive wines.


Grape(s) Pinot Noir
Farming Biodynamic