2016 Tasca D'Almerita, Perricone Guarnaccio, Sicily

Red mulberry jam and fruit are felt on the nose on a path of aromatic spices and balsamic notes. Warm, soft and fresh on the palate.


The Regaleali estate is at the heart of the family’s wine production, and also serves as an escape from the bustle of the coastal capital of Palermo. In addition to the wines, the estate is practically self sufficient, producing most of the vegetables, fruits, wheat, olives, cheeses and meats they need. This inspired Marchesa Anna Tasca Lanza, Count Lucio’s sister, to establish a culinary school, considered one of the best in Italy today. The school has inspired culinary professionals from around the world, including Julia Child and Alice Waters. The Perricone "Guarnaccio" by Tasca d'Almerita is a red wine characterized by a powerful personality, large structure from satisfactory drink.


Grape(s) Perricone
Farming Sustainable