2017 Domaine Valentin Zusslin "Bollenberg" Sylvaner, Alsace, France

Sylvaner of superior complexity and satisfaction. Not the easy flowing wine we are used to, but strong mineral impact, good mouthfeel, elegance no less than a great Riesling.



The Bollenberg is one of the dry hills surrounding the city of Rouffach and 4 villages including Orschwihr.

Extraordinary rich in biodiversity, unique in Europe, it is the home of extremely rare fauna and flora.

On a pure geological point of view, the Bollenberg is composed of glacial deposits dating back from the Oligocene (glacial period : 23M years ago) and limestone from torrential origins. Some of the marls you can find on the East side are of costal deposit origins. On the lower part of the hill you’ll also find loess.

Vineyards here grow in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Bollenbergs flora is also extremely diverse, in between forest, scree, vineyard, moorland etc, and thriving especially since a big part of the hill has been protected thanks to government regulation.


The Zusslin Wine Estate upholds the same winemaking traditions established in 1691. The vineyards are located in the Southern part of Alsace in Orschwir on the Bollenberg, Clos Liebenberg (Monopole) and Pfingstberg Grand Cru hillsides. Since 1997, the estate is led solely by the principles of biodynamic viticulture in order to re-create a universe suitable for biodiversity. These principles encourage the expression of the soil and environment from Zusslin’s three terroirs. A strict selection of their grapes in the vineyards and at the cellar gives to the wines concentration and elegancy. Thanks to the terroir, the acidity combined with minerality of their grapes bring depth and great length. The maturing of the wines is carried out on fine lees for a duration of one year to one year and half to express better balance and longevity. There is no interference in the natural process of fermentation and aging of the wines. The vitality, substance & moreover the energy given by the biodynamic viticulture, make Zusslin’s wines worth enjoying and drinking.


Grape(s) Sylvaner
Farming Biodynamic