2021 Alain Voge Côtes-du-Rhône "Les Peyrouses", Rhone Valley, France

Plum and cherry compote notes have a caressing feel, with light sandalwoodand dried lavender hints through the finish. Drink now.




To ensure very high standards to maintain superb quality for our Cornas wines, for our winemaking we handle separately grapes from our youngest vines (less than 10 years old) or those that come from terroirs which are trickier in difficult years. To this quantity that varies from one vintage to another, we add wine produced organically, which we buy from a terroir situated as close as possible to Cornas. It possesses the qualities of freshness we seek and will blend coherently with the wine that comes from our youngest vines."


Domaine Alain Voge, an iconic establishment in the renowned Cornas appellation of the Rhône Valley, France, has a rich legacy dating back to the 1950s. Alain Voge, a visionary winemaker, has played a pivotal role in shaping the reputation of Cornas wines. His lifelong dedication is evident in crafting wines that authentically express the terroir's distinctiveness and the essence of the Syrah grape.

Alain Voge's commitment to quality has earned international acclaim, and his deep understanding of the vineyards is reflected in the exceptional wines produced by the estate. The focus at Domaine Alain Voge is on carefully tending vineyards with low-yielding, old vines, resulting in concentrated and expressive grapes.

The estate's vineyards, characterized by rugged, granite-rich soils, contribute a unique mineral character to the wines, enhancing complexity and depth. Traditional winemaking techniques, including partial stem inclusion and extended maceration, are employed to bring out the full potential of the fruit.

Domaine Alain Voge exemplifies the mastery of Cornas winemaking, capturing the spirit of the land and the artistry of the winemaker. With each bottle, the estate offers a profound and captivating experience that showcases the unique and extraordinary qualities of this exceptional appellation.

In charge of the Domain today:Lionel Fraisse is the nephew of Robert Fraisse, a historical figure of the Saint-Péray winegrowing area and lifelong friend of Alain Voge. After law studies and an initial career as head of publications in various universities and selective higher education establishments, he left Paris in 2012 to return to his native land in the Ardèche region. Wine has always been close to Lionel Fraisse, through his professional tastings, visits to vineyards and in-depth discussions with winegrowers. His encounter with Alain Voge and Albert Mazoyer set the course for his future with certainty and passion. So in 2012, Lionel joined the staff at the Domaine Alain Voge and began a complete change of career, by doing, among many other things, an HND in viticulture and oenology. He worked specifically on the “issue of maintaining the soil on the slopes of Cornas and a necessary transition towards sustainable solutions.”


Grape(s) Syrah
Farming Biodynamic