2018 Benedicte et Stephane Tissot Arbois Trousseau "Singulier", Jura, France

‘Singulier’ is a varietal Trousseau, kept on its skins for five weeks, vinified into a light-bodied, flavorful wine, showing notes of tart strawberry, spice, and slight crunchy, green undertones.


The industrialization of wine is the end of its identities, its nuances, its characteristics which are part of the magic of a bottle.

The work we do at our domaine, it is, in a way, the summary of all that. Exceptional terroirs like Les Bruyères, La Mailloche, En Barberon, Curon. An attempt to achieve the maximum expression of those terroirs : our 35 hectares of vineyards are cultivated in bio-dynamic viticulture (certified by Demeter) to allow the soils to live, to have grapes untouched by chemical products, to allow natural yeast fermentations, to reduce the doses of sulfur in the cellar. This quest for aromatic diversity has lead us to produce 28 different cuvées, often terroir by terroir, with lots of innovations which take into account the incredible diversity of the vineyards of the Jura.

The way we work requires lots of effort on the part of our team. 15 people work full-time all year long aided by several students in the summer and in September, by 50 harvesters.


Grape(s) Trousseau
Farming Biodynamic