2018 Domaine Ciringa "Reserve" Sauvignon Blanc , Štajerska, Slovenia

This is Prince Charming in a bottle! After more than 40 months of maturation “sur lie” the wine is very balanced and structured with notes of pears, citrus fruits and flintstone. Puristic Sauvignon Blanc with deep minerality.


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Directy bordering the famous vineyard “Zieregg", on the Slovenian side of the hill, lays “Ciringa” (Slovenian for “Zieregg”) on 340 - 480 m above sea level. The vineyard is characterized by coraline limestone soil with a top layer of loose brown soil (cambisol). This as it is, is a perfect terroir for expressive, mineral and pure Sauvignon Blancs. For this Sauvignon Reserve of amazing vintage 2018 the best plots were selected and separately fermented in a big neutral oak barrel. The wine is aged for more than 40 months of maturation “sur lie”.


With Domaine Ciringa, the focus is on one single vineyard Ried Ciringa, the Slovenian name for Ziereggand one grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc. The border between Slovenia and Austria runs directly through the vineyard. Ciringa is an incredibly steep and beautiful Grand Cru vineyard that the Tement family has farmed for three generations on the Austrian side. The name of the series of wines – Fosilni Breg (Fossil Mountain) references this place and geology… even the front label shows a fossil of a large, ancient sea star.

When Armin began working with his father in 2005, they agreed to start cultivating the vineyards organically, replanting sections of vineyards across the border—on the Slovenian side. The vineyard is a continuous, south and southwest-facing steep mountain hillside of pure 60-million-year-old limestone reef, formerly covered by the ancient Paratethys sea.

From the very beginning, the vineyards in Ciringa have been farmed organically and biodynamically but were certified organic in 2019 and Demeter and Respekt certified in the 2023 vintage. Most of the work is done by hand out of necessity – it is impossible to drive a tractor into many of the steeper sections of Ciringa. Yields here are quite low for Sauvignon Blanc and vine density is about 5,000 vines per hectare, which translates to one kilo per vine.


Grape(s) Sauvignon Blanc
Farming Organic