2018 Domaine Hervé and Anne Sigaut Chambolle-Musigny, Burgundy, France

Delicate notes of berries immediately emerge once the wine is poured into a glass. A light touch of dry fruits brings further complexity. The first taste is unexpectedly tannic while the tannins are well defined until the spicy finale.



The winery was revamped in 2004 with a sorting table and his stainless steel tanks are sunk in the floor of the winery which helps evacuate harmful carbon dioxide during fermentation. They touch the wines as little as possible in the cellar and racks only once. New wood does not exceed 40% in general ,but for this particular cure they use 15% new oak, of the total and the oldest barrels are 5 years old from several coopers. The aim is to drop the rotation to a 3 year cycle.


The Siguat’s are unassuming but genuinely committed vignerons. Hervé Sigaut and wife Anne took over from Maurice Sigaut in 1990, and made important improvements both in the vineyard work and in the cellar.

Anne is totally committed to her work and has a huge passion for their 7 hectares of vineyards; Hervé is refreshingly logical in his approach to vineyard work: he pays attention to the lunar calendar for the key interventions while horses are used to plough in certain vineyards.

These wines are examples of the magnificent terroirs of Chambolle and Morey.


Grape(s) Pinot Noir
Farming Biodynamic