2019 Forlorn Hope "Queen of the Sierra" White, Sierra Foothills, California, USA

This is a fuller bodied, mouth coating white, but showing zippy acidity that leaves you wanting to take another sip!  Rich flavors of ripe white peaches, clementine orange and hints of Papaya with mineral underpinning all.



The 2019 Queen of the Sierra White estate blend was grown on the Rorick Heritage Vineyard in Calaveras County in the Sierra Foothills of California at 2000 feet elevation, featuring soils comprised of a layer of schist over dolomite-rich limestone. The blend is composed primarily of Chardonnay with Verdelho and Muscat, and this delicious wine shows all of the aromatic complexity and textural presence that are the hallmarks of wines grown on the limestone. Fermented and raised in neutral 400L barrels. As with all Forlorn Hope wines, no new oak is utilized, and nothing was added to the must or wine (no cultured yeast, ML bacteria, water, tartaric acid, enzymes, nutrients, etc) with the exception of minimal effective SO2. Farming is organic with biodynamic principals.


At Forlorn Hope Wines, we love the longshots. We love the outsiders, the lost causes, the people/projects/ideas abandoned as not having a chance in the world.

We love the little guy because we’re all about tenacity, we relish a challenge, and – we admit it – we love us a good tussle. Taken from the Dutch ‘verloren hoop’, meaning ‘lost troop’, Forlorn Hope was the name given to the band of soldiers who volunteered to lead the charge directly into enemy defenses. The chance of success for the Forlorn Hope was always slim, but the glory and rewards granted to survivors ensured no shortage of applicants. These bottles are our headlong rush into the breach. Rare creatures from the limestone slopes of Rorick Heritage Vineyard, these wines are our brave advance party, our pride and joy – our Forlorn Hope.


Grape(s) Chardonnay, Verdelho
Farming Organic