2018 Gunderloch "Rothenberg" Riesling GG, Rheinhessen, Germany

Rothenberg GG opens with flinty, pure, fresh flavors. Rich and elegant, great structure and fine acidity for long aging. Striking mineral character paired with a broad spectrum of expressive spice, yellow and stone fruit aromas.


The Rothenberg Vineyard encompasses around 20 hectares directly on the Rhine River on the north end of the “Roter Hang” between Nackenheim and Nierstein. Around 5 hectares of this comprise the heart of the Rothenberg. The vineyard has a slope varying in steepness from 30-80% and is comprised of 290-million-year-old red shale plates. Family Hasselbach of the Gunderloch Estate own around 4.5 hectares of this prime vineyard made up predominantly of very steep parcels. The Nackenheimer Rothenberg is without question the most important site at the Gunderloch estate. It yields wines of striking mineral character paired with a broad spectrum of expressive spice and fruit aromas. The GG is powerful and dry with a long arc of maturation, 100% aged in 600L neutral barrels and fermented naturally.

For six generations the Hasselbach Family is convinced by the uniqueness and the quality of their vineyard-sites. The emerging wines receive the maximum of freedom and time they need to develop into Ambassadors of their origin. In detail that means that the use of additives plays no role in the winemaking philosophy. Therefore the wines enjoy a long maceration time on the skins, a slow natural fermentation in oak and stainless steel, a long maceration time on the full lees and lots of patience. Less is sometimes more. This is the guideline for the winemaking philosophy.

The Gunderloch winery dates back to 1890 when the banker Carl Gunderloch acquired the legendary Nackenheimer Rothenberg. It was a bold step, and this pioneering spirit is still a driving force behind the company. Carl Gunderloch was concerned with more than just wine; he campaigned for quality-oriented viticulture in the entire area and was a passionate advocate of upscale wine culture. It should come as no surprise that his company was one of the founding members of today's Association of German Prädikatsweingüter (VDP). Carl Gunderloch's commitment to the production of world-class Riesling wines from the best, officially classified sites has been carried on by six generations and over 130 years.