2020 Enderle & Moll "Grauburgunder", Baden, Germany

Tart raspberries, unripe strawberries, pomegranate and mild cranberries with a strong bark and herbal components. Fantastic acids with mild tannins and some balsamic vinegar notes on mid-palate.



The must undergoes a 4-5 day fermentation on the skins, then pressed. The wine is then moved to a 1,000 liter clay tank and 30-40% of the skins are added back in. It then matures for 10 months before a super-light filtration and a tiny drop of sulfur at bottling. It is markedly darker than the other wines in the lineup but this is solely from the pigment in the skins – it doesn’t see any extra maceration time.


This estate is really just two guys, a tiny cellar, a few hectares of old vines and a hell of a lot of buzz – even Jancis Robinson has called them “cult.” Farming some of the oldest vines in Baden, Sven Enderle and Florian Moll craft complex, earthy and superbly detailed Pinot Noirs that will completely redefine how you view German reds, to say nothing of their stunningly textural yet buoyant and defined skin-contact white wines. They are one of the first German red wine producers to emphasize lightness, transparency, finesse. They are the benchmark producer for natural, Burgundy-esque German Pinot Noir, period, end. The white wines, though a small part of their production, are revelations in skin-contact whites; transparent and energetic. Farming is organic/biodynamic, no additives, no filters, minimal sulfur.


Grape(s) Pinot Gris
Farming Biodynamic