2022 Meinklang "Prosa", Pinot Noir, Burgenland, Austria

Juicy and uncomplicated, Prose stands for liquid affirmation of life and carefree drinking fun without losing any seriousness.
Animated by pronounced light berry fruit and fine herbal spice, Prose's playful perlage tickles the palate with a wink and celebrates the lightness of being in an invigoratingly fresh way.



Fermented spontaneously, and aged in stainless steel. Great as an Apertif.


The Michlits Family operates one of the world's largest biodynamic farms in the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park. The Meinklang farm is a wide and varied Demeter-certified agricultural operation cultivating a number of different crops as well as raising 300 Angus cattle. The estate represents what used to be common practice everywhere in the Pannonian countryside: a mixed farming operation, managed by extended family. The wine estate is well integrated into the farm and led by Angela and Werner Michlits.


Grape(s) Pinot Noir
Farming Biodynamic