2020 Clos Roussely "L'Escale" Sauvignon Blanc, Touraine, Loire Valley, France

A juicy, fresh and thirst-quenching wine. This is essentially a Sancerre style without the price tag. Coming from Touraine, this Sauvi B ticks all the boxes: fleshy stone fruit, bright acidity and minerality.



Harvest is done manually and aged 6 months in stainless steel tanks. The vinification takes place in cellars dug into the tufa under the vineyard. These galleries were dug 250 years ago and specially adapted for winemaking and wine aging. They sum up the philosophy of the estate, modern but traditional. Custom-shaped stainless steel tanks have been built inside the rock walls themselves. Imagine a tank with a wall of 1.20 meters thick! The wines are made naturally without commercial yeast or fining. This is accomplished by rigorous work in the vineyard and then the cellar. It guarantees authentic wines that respect the place.


Back in the 18th century, Clos Roussely was an outbuilding of the enormous castle perched at the center of the village of Angé-sur-Cher. "Clos" means walls, which are a meter-and-a-half thick and do a better job of insulating the ancient winery than most modern constructions. The vineyard sits atop 250-year-old, hand-dug caves stacked floor-to-ceiling with perfectly conditioned barrels. Anatole Roussely purchased the property in 1917 with the intention of converting it into a winemaking facility. Today his great-grandson, Vincent Roussely, carries on the tradition with the same meticulous attention to detail. The clay-limestone terroir filled with flint soil, as well as the temperate climate, allow a superb expression of Sauvignon Blanc. The soil is maintained with respect by plowing and scratching the soil. No herbicides, pesticides or chemicals are ever used in the vineyard. The oldest vines are plowed by horses and many different types of trees and plants have been planted throughout the vineyard to protect the vines and promote biodiversity within the farm. The vineyard is also home to horses, donkeys and sheep.


Grape(s) Sauvignon Blanc
Farming Organic