2021 Cruse Wine Co ''Ricci'' Saint Laurent Pet Nat, Carneros, California, USA

It is creamy and fruity on the nose, with more color than in previous years, that adds to the breadth and interest of the wine. Ripe peach and banana cream tart notes on the nose with a soft mousse, and a creamy, easy drinking, slightly off dry finish.



This Austrian variety has been grown by Dale Ricci, a longtime family friend, for about 25 years. Ricci vineyards is on the Sonoma half of Carneros and only a few miles from the San Pablo Bay. It’s typical Carneros soil, Haire clay loam, with the cool fog and winds that define the region.

The fruit was hand harvested and gently pressed using a slow, sparkling press cycle. After racking to a small stainless steel tank, it was allowed to ferment spontaneously then bottled while still slightly sweet. The wine was then riddled and disgorged following a 5 month tirage storage. It is a Blanc de Noirs.


Michael Cruse was born and raised in Northern California and prides himself on producing wines that are unabashedly Californian and inherently delicious. With the creation of Cruse Wine Co. in 2013, it was an opportunity for him to showcase fruit driven and satisfying wines that were fresh and pleasurable, but still remained serious at the same time. The roots of the North Coast run deep with Michael, so he chose to focus on sites within Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino and Contra Costa Counties to create these special wines.


Grape(s) St. Laurent
Farming Organic