2020 Jean et Sebastien Dauvissat Chablis Grand Cru "Les Preuses", Burgundy, France

The “Les Preuses” produced by Sebastien Dauvissat is always generous with an ebullient bouquet. Accompanies aperitifs and appetizers, and enhances seafood, snails, fine charcuterie, and grilled fish.


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A very complete wine, made from the best hillsides on the right bank of the Serein, “Les Preuses”, which extend “Bougros” up the hillside, are often considered to be one of the “easiest” grands crus to taste, thanks to their roundness which gives them an impression of fatness. This results in a remarkable wine that is always pleasant, even in a small year. The Dauvissat holdings in “Les Preuses” equal three-quarters of a hectare. The vineyard sits near the high point of the hillside on the right bank of the Serein river that courses by the village of Chablis and in close proximity to the neighboring Grand Cru of “Bougros”. 


Jean Dauvissat, and his son Sébastien, are the most recent in an extended line of the Dauvissat family that has been in possession of this notable domaine since 1899. The cave is positioned under the family house which dates from the 17th century and where the road to the hamlet of Chichée begins. The first formal bottling of wines under the Dauvissat label occurred on a limited scale in 1963. The physical expansion of the domaine under his management, along with ever-increasing quality and accompanying renown, has resulted in the cessation of sales to negociants and the bottling of the entire annual production of approximately 50,000 bottles.

The estate encompasses slightly less than 10 hectares of vineyards. The Grand Cru vineyards are south-facing; the 1er Cru vineyards have a full southeast exposure; and the village property faces northwest. All are hillside sites with an “argilo-calcaire” soil composition heavily marked by small stones that provide for excellent drainage. Of course, the entire vineyard surface is underlain by the Kimmeridgian limestone that makes Chablis one of the most unique wine-producing areas in the world.


Grape(s) Chardonnay
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