2020 Keep it Chill Gamay VDF, Beaujolais, France

It is a medium bodied vibrant style of wine that is crammed with ripe red fruit aromas. It has bright, brambly flavors that pop when the wine’s temperature drops.



In this region, the grapes ripen early, which allows for near perfect harvest conditions. The Gamay is allowed to rise in temperature during fermentation and then do a short period of semi-carbonic maceration. It had 4-5 months aging in concrete tanks. It is low-sugar, low-sulfur, and is sustainable. No wood and no additives and minimum sulfur use for this fresh light drinking red.


Winc takes pride in the fact that our approach to grape sourcing and winemaking is progressive and thoughtful. Since their inception and the unique skill-sets that make up their wine team, has allowed them to be successful at small-lot winemaking, and apply those small-lot winemaking techniques and philosophies to winemaking at scale.

The relationships that Winc has developed with their growers and farmers are their backbone. They allow Winc to leverage tools like grafting and acreage contracts to optimize the price to quality ratio on the grapes they purchase, while also enabling them to drive the farming in the vineyards they source from and push the boundaries in their winemaking.


Grape(s) Gamay
Farming Organic