2020 Malabaila di Canale Langhe Favorita, Piedmont, Italy

Harmonious notes of fresh citrus, stone fruit, and almond. Fruity, banana, peach, apricot and raspberry on the nose.



Vines planted in 1990. Manual harvest followed by a temperature controlled fermentation in Stainless Steel tanks.


The Malabaila's of Canale, a noble family from the city of Asti, are present in the activity commercial and financial interests all over northern Europe since the year 1000. The first appearance of this family in the territory of Canale d'Alba has around the year 1200, when it acquired the estate of Castelletto that is located among the territories of Canale, Castellinaldo, San Damiano and Priocca.

The Malabaila di Canale estate has been owned by the Count Malabaila family since the beginning of the fifteenth century, succeeding their predecessors, the Counts Roero. In the Malabaila family archives there are letters, dating back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, sent from House of Savoy requesting wines from the Count's caves

The property consists of approximately 90 hectares, of which 22 hectares are vineyards, located within the area of Castelletto. The vineyards stand on loose soils which are poor in water and erode easily, but that are ideal for growing vines. The estate is managed by Costanza Carrega Malabaila and her daughter Lucrezia together with Valerio Falletti who is an oenologist and a passionate agronomist. The equipment in the cellar is very modern so that technology and tradition are perfectly blended. Eco-friendly practices in the vineyards are favoured, in fact the use of herbicides has been abandoned and natural organic fertilizers are preferred.