2020 Nino Negri Valtellina Superiore "Quadrio", Lombardy, Italy

Garnet colour with ruby hues; fine expression of berry fruits, with balsamic notes and raspberry jam, rose and violet aromas. Full, dry, vigorous palate with elegant tannins.


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This wine owes its name to the 15th century fortified palace called "Castello Quadrio di Chiuro", home of the Nino Negri winery, built for Stefano Quadrio, governor of Valtellina in the 15th century. The wine represents a perfect marriage between the austerity of Nebbiolo and the international touch of Merlot. The Merlot cultivated on the terraces in Valtellina is characterised by very sweet fruity notes and soft, velvety tannins that manage to soften the Nebbiolo, providing a different expression of Valtellina Superiore characterised by its immediacy and drinkability. All grapes are hand-harvested and age one year in Slavonian oak and another year in French oak. 


Established in 1897, Nino Negri is the premier estate producing wine in the Valtellina DOCG in Italy’s Lombardy region. The estate specialty is Sfursat (“strained” or “forced”); a wine made from grapes harvested by trained pickers and dried for 100 days in the cool, dry, alpine air. This winemaking style combines the opulence of Amarone with the elegant complexity of Barolo. The success of Nino Negri is due largely to the efforts of winemaker Casimiro Maule who has worked at the estate since 1971, his entire professional life. In 2007, Casimiro was named “Winemaker of the Year” by Gambero Rosso, the magazine authority in Italian wine. Nino Negri controls almost 400 acres of the finest Chiavennasca vineyards in the Valtellina Superiore subzones. The estate directly owns 75 acres of exceptional vineyards, including the 27 acre Fracia vineyard, an exclusive cru planted since 1995 to special clonal selections.The vine stocks that are cultivated horizontally from west to east, an innovated planting scheme for this region. The winery is located in the city of Chiuro in the 15th Century Quadrio Castle. The “castle” sits above an array of underground cellars which

house thousands of barrels. All Nino Negri wines age for at least two years before they are released to ensure optimum maturity at time of bottling.



Grape(s) Nebbiolo, Merlot
Farming Organic