2020 Peay Vineyards CEP Syrah Estate , Sonoma Coast, California, USA

It features hints of blackberry and pomegranate with lavender top notes complicated by aromas of white pepper, grilled meat, herbs, and iron. Cep Syrah is not a bruiser featuring low alcohol, clean acidity, and a medium to long finish. It is a versatile and delicious red wine that complements most cuisine.


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We do not make a Peay Sonoma Coast Syrah. We grow only 8 acres of Syrah and make two Peay Estate blends and the remaining barrels make up the Cep Syrah. It comes from one of the coldest Syrah vineyards in the world and captures that unique blend of fruit, floral, and savory notes only found in cool climates. As it is grown and made to be a Peay Syrah, Cep Syrah is good, and often, very good. 


Peay Vineyards is a first-generation family winery. Husband and wife, Nick Peay & Vanessa Wong, grow and make the wine and brother, Andy Peay, and his wife Ami, sell the wine and run the business.

All wines are made from grapes grown on our 53-acre estate vineyard located above a river gorge in the far northwestern corner of the Sonoma Coast, 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean at Sea Ranch. We sit in the chilly inversion layer with fog and wind from the Ocean maintaining cool temperatures with plenty of sunlight.

Winemaker Vanessa Wong left her position as winemaker at Peter Michael Winery in 2001 to launch Peay Vineyards. Formerly she worked at Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, Domaine Jean Gros and Hirsch Winery.

We farm organically and maintain our licenses for fish friendly farming and integrated pest management. The health of our vineyard dictates these approaches to farming and making wine. We also run on bio-diesel at the vineyard and solar power at both the vineyard and winery.


Farming Organic