2021 Domaine de Laroche Chablis 1er Cru "Les Vaudevey” Burgundy, France

The Premier Cru of the wine lovers. Very pure, it bears witness to its fresh and rocky terroir. Its chiseled style offers a palette of lively and mineral aromas.



This vintage could almost be described as late as we have been used to earlier and earlier harvests in recent years. The manual harvest started on September 21st in the parcels of Vieille Voye / Vaillons / Butteaux and Blanchots. Following episodes of rain, the sanitary pressure was present but controlled by our technical teams. In the end, the juices presented promising balanced profiles which were confirmed during the maturation. The tastings conducted in the cellars showed the finesse and the good acidity present in the wines.

Sorting at the entrance of the cellar. Fermentation in French oak barrels (228L, 400L, 600L) in historical cellars of the IXth century at Obédiencerie and stainless steel tanks. Aging for 9 months in the same containers on fine lees. After the blending, a new maturing on fine lees will take place till bottling.


Domaine Laroche is directly linked to the history of Chablis. One of the most respected and largest landholders of Grand Cru vineyard, Domaine Laroche owns 90 hectares of vineyard situated amongst the best crus.

Its headquarters, the Obédiencerie of Chablis, reveals a heritage dating back to the Middle Ages when the Canons of Saint Martin of Tours were making wine. Saint Martin’s relics were hidden in the Obédiencerie for a decade. This exceptional testimony is very much alive: Domaine Laroche still elaborates and ages its Premiers and Grands Crus in these historical cellars. Its wines are a testimony of 1000 years of history!

The Laroche philosophy is based on a very special care of the terroirs in order for each of them to express its own particular characteristics in the glass. The importance of ecological balance is crucial to maintain the vineyard heritage and to favor its durability. Respect for the soil, the vine workers, and of the environment are Laroche major commitments.


Grape(s) Chardonnay