2022 Figuière Premiere Rosé, Cotes de Provence, Provence, France

A most delicate of rosé with a pale a limpid robe. An expressive bouquet that exudes Provence, with aromas of spicy citrus fruits, strawberry, apricot and white peaches. Light, fine, smooth, and silky.



Première Rosé is organically grown and produced entirely from the Figuière estate in the Côtes-de-Provence AOP. The goal of Première Rosé is to express the unique terroir found at La Londe where Figuière is located. A blend of Mourvèdre, Cinsault, and Grenache with a short two to three-hour maceration on the skins.


Figuière is a pioneering maker of superior Provence wines and an ambassador of a new generation of top-level winemakers dedicated to their terroir yet boldly shaping the future through a desire for a healthy blend of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and the art of living, luxury and simplicity. It also fosters an artisanal approach rooted in community, sharing and loyalty along with a more personal level of artistry as a mark of its distinction and style.

Figuière strives to promote the superiority and creativity of the wines of Provence with a novel approach to rosé, designing it just like a "fine wine" in terms of time, craftsmanship and terroir. From a refreshing everyday wine you sip on the beach in the sunshine, to the finest restaurants in the world where Figuière wines are on the menu.

Figuière wines are the product of an unparalleled union between Provence and Burgundy, the La Londe terroir and the mastery of craft winemakers specialized in great Burgundy whites. The result is mineral and fruity wines that are understated and unexpected, love playing on contrasts and constantly finding groundbreaking combinations with a balanced, authentic and down-to-earth style focused on natural elegance.


Grape(s) Cinsault, Grenache, Mourvèdre
Farming Organic