2021 Kiki & Juan Vino Tinto, Utiel Requena, Valencia, Spain

Juicy & Fruity. Orange peel, bing cherry, raspberry, earl grey. Clean & Fresh. Delicious with cheese and charcuterie or on its own.



Co-fermented red and white wines from Spain, made from cert. organic grapes, bottled 1 Liter. The production philosophy reflects organic viticulture providing minimal input in order to let the natural properties of the fruit come to the forefront.

The note aromatics are reminiscent of flamed orange peel soaked in bing cherry juice. Clean and fresh on the balanced palate, where raspberry and Earl Grey tea come through. Kiki & Juan tinto is meant to be a fresh red wine that expresses the potential of Bobal with minimal intervention.


Produced by John House from Ovum Wines. How are Kiki & Juan wines produced? Similar to Big Salt principles...native, co-ferm in stainless+amphora, no additions except SO2.

Who is Kiki & Juan? Nicknames for the founders of La Luz Selections - Kiki = Kerin Auth Bembry, and Juan Casa is what most of our Iberian winemakers friends call John House.

Dry farmed, certified organic. Multiple small lots, scattered across the high elevation calcareous soils of Requena, are what defines the quality of our wines. Warm days give ample ripeness, but are chased away with very cool nights which preserve acidity. The Bobal vine age is 60yrs on average, but some sites are over 100+yrs old.. The most unique quality of Requena is it’s high elevation, where the UV spectrum allows phenolic development to fulfill at low sugar levels. Basically that means great flavor at low alcohol.


Grape(s) Bobal, Tempranillo, Macabeo
Farming Organic