2019 Lagar de Pintos "Los Nietos" Albariño, Rías Baixas, Spain

Deep gold in color, with intense aromas of citrus, herbs, and the toasty notes offered by the extended lees contact. On the palate, the wine recalls dried fruits, almond, and the sea, with a toasty, saline, extremely dry finish.


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This wine is named for ‘the grandchildren,’ who represent the future of the winery, and whose approaches to the future of Albariño — such as extreme aging on the lees — is exceptionally bright. For Los Nietos, grapes come from our own parcels, in sandy soils, at 4m (13ft) altitude above sea level. Fermentation and 45 months of aging in stainless steel vats, with lees stirring, then bottling and resting in the cellar before release.


Lagar de Pintos is a family estate currently run by its 4th generation, winemaker Marta Castro-Pintos. The family home and winery are in a traditional Galician pazo, or manor house, in the Val do Salnés town of Ribadumia. The estate was originally a farmstead for raising sheep and cows, and in the 1950's the family planted grapevines. Marta’s father, Pepe Pintos, modernized the estate in the 1980's during the local revival of the Albariño grape variety. In the 2000’s, Marta converted all the vineyards to organic farming, and has been a pioneer on this front in Rías Baixas ever since. All four generations at the Lagar de Pintos winery have shared a single philosophy regarding their work: respect and commitment to the land. According to Marta, the essence and identity of Lagar de Pinto lies in its vineyards, which are treated with respect. The whole winery team strives for excellence, committed to maintaining a healthy, organic growing environment that can be highlighted by modern production processes such as strict grape selection at harvest.


Grape(s) Albariño
Farming Sustainable