2022 Enio Ottaviani "Rebola" Grechetto, Rimini Rebola, Italy

Light, bright and herbaceous with a nice saline finish.


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After hand-harvesting, the grapes undergo fermentation and aging in concrete. Soils are clay and pebble. Proximity to the Adriatic provides a fresh, saline note to this 100% Grechetto. 


The wine estate began 60 years ago with our grandfather Enio Ottaviani. Enio Ottaviani is located in San Clemente (Rimini), Emilia Romagna, Italy. We run a  family business, passed on from generation to generation, in continual development. The manufacturing plants and vines are in San Clemente, (Rimini), on the soft hills facing the Adriatic sea, enjoying the sea breeze. The vines grow in clay loams and the soil offers notes of brine and minerals to our wines. It is the enthusiasm of the creation and the know-how, in the wake of a tradition that has always guided the necessary technological transformation.


Grape(s) Grechetto
Farming Sustainable