2022 Laura Aschero Rossese, Riviera Ligure di Potente, Liguria, Italy

Intense and constant, the bouquet is generous and personal, with hints of withered rose, wild strawberries, currents and blackberries.



100% Rossese. This is a wine typical of the Ponente Ligure area, with D.O.C. status since 31 March 1988. The variety is native, and is the same as is used for Rossese di Dolceacqua, but the wine made from grapes of vines cultivated outside the Dolceacqua area has different characteristics and its own name: Rossese D.O.C. Riviera Ligure di Ponente. Rossese wine is particularly good at expressing the terroir from which it was cultivated, especially the soil. Of all the red varieties used in Liguria, Rossese is one most worthy of varietal wines.


In the Ligurian Riviera, both vines are planted on slopes where only the most intrepid farmers dare cultivate them- farmers like Marco Rizzo who, following his late mother Laura’s footsteps, has spent a generation refining the farming of the vines he found when he moved to his ancestral property. In just a few short decades, his tiny family business (his wife Carla and daughter Bianca are now also involved) has turned into the premier producers of Vermentino and Pigato in Italy, and the Aschero wines are treasured the world-over for their beautiful expressions of their unique terroir.

A small family-run company that produces less than 6,000 cases of fine wine from Liguria annually, including Vermentino, Pigato and Rossese, the estate of Laura Aschero began its winemaking activities as a hobby in 1980, planting vines to the family-owned land that had formerly been used for other types of crops. Laura Aschero started the winery upon the advice of a friend who claimed that she had the perfect land for growing grapes. Since her passing in 2009, her son has continued her successful venture with great passion and dedication. The winery is based in Pontedassio, in the hills above Imperia, and its vines are situated at approximately 150 meters above sea level on year-round sun-kissed hills, enjoying the ideal temperature and terrain for cultivating vines and maturing grapes. The wine cellar, situated in an ancient palace under the Piazza del Paese, has been completely renovated and today has modern and efficient wine-producing facilities.


Grape(s) Rossese
Farming Sustainable