2022 Maçanita "Letra F" Tinto, Douro, Portugal

Maçanita’s Letra F reflects the ever-evolving landscape in the wine world: a fresh, field-blend wine hailing from some of the most intriguing vineyard sites in the Douro.


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Letra F refers to the last letter in the grade for the categorization system for port grapes in the Douro, where Letra A is the best. Though the F grade were historically seen as the worst for port wine, and thus neglected, these old vines are proving a treasure trove for showing wines of place today. From the Cima Corgo and 480m - 720m altitude, this is a blend of more than 20 red and white varieties, including many very old vines. After a cold soak, this was native fermented in small lagares, with 28 days on skins before aging 1 year in stainless. Amply perfumed, with layers of iris, wildflowers, rockrose, and fragrant red fruits along a bright, medium bodied palate. Tannins are slight, guiding this pretty red to a lingering saline finish. Really memorable and striking.


What are the odds of having two talented oenologists in the family?

In Douro, Portugal, brilliant brother and sister team Joana & Antonio Maçanita have managed to pool their considerable winemaking talent to showcase the breadth of terroir in the oldest classified European appellation. Sourcing from sites spread across the 3 subzones of the Douro, the Maçanitas use classic Douro grape varieties with modern winemaking techniques to produce wines of balance, elegance and true Douro character.

These siblings aren’t afraid of pushing the boundaries and forcing us to leave our comfort zone, meet the Maçanita’s and get to know their wines!

António is today a well-known name, for his commitment in the Alentejo region and more recently for the Azores project, wines that represent some of the greatest discoveries in the last years. Stunning Arinto dos Açores, Terrantez do Pico and Verdelho. Joana is also committed to awaken Algarve, once a very well-known region. She is consulting six wineries in the southernmost of Portugal. This brother and sister team has captured the spirit of the Douro as only they are able.


Grape(s) A field blend of more than 20 red and white grape varieties
Farming Organic