2022 Peter Lauer 'No. 12' Unterstenberg Grand Cru Riesling Mosel, Germany

A dry style of Riesling from old vines. Salty mineral notes support the creamy, ripe fruit provided by a lower aspect on the vineyard slope.



In the southern exposure of the hillside Ayler Kupp, the summit rises 170 meters above the plain. The lower part of the slope benefits from centuries of weathering from the higher slate slope. The most finely weathered stones collect here due to the erosion from rain. The small fragments are available to the vines as a source of minerals. The long-lasting dryish wine comes from old vines and is dense, exciting, and always a little salty on the palate.


For purists, there is nothing like the Saar. The magic here is intensity without weight, grandiosity without size: rocks and acidity. Lauer is currently one of greatest estates in this sacred place. The style here is 180 degrees removed from his famous neighbors Egon Müller and Zilliken. The focus here is on dry and dry-tasting Riesling. While the source of most of the bottlings is the famed Ayler Kupp, Florian uses the pre-1971 vineyard names – Neuenberg, Stirn, Unterstenberg. Rigorous vineyard work, indigenous yeasts and spontaneous fermentations mean the wines find their own balance. The results are undeniable: depth, texture, dimension, clarity, cut. For Lauer, the large site of the Ayler Kupp has many different terroirs rather than a single, defining character. Soil composition, exposition, altitude, and microclimate in combination with vine age all make contributions to the individual character of each wine.


Grape(s) Riesling
Farming Organic