2023 Couly-Dutheil Chinon Rosé, Loire Valley, France

Beautiful deep pink color, announcing a delicious and fruity nose with notes of redcurrants and citrus fruits. The palate is fleshy, delicate and slightly spicy.


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Alluvial terraces of sand and gravel, brought by the Vienne (tributary of the Loire). Our region benefits from a temperate, semi-oceanic climate suitable for growing vines. ''Reasoned cultivation'', respectful of the environment with grass between the rows in order to help limit yields and erosion. Leaf stripping, trellising and green harvesting to optimize the maturity and quality of the grapes. Maceration for approximately 12 hours, after destemming and complete sorting of the harvest. Then, fermentation of the musts starts spontaneously thanks to native yeasts. Constant control of vinification temperatures favors the fruity expression of Cabernet Franc. Bottling takes place around Easter.


Couly Dutheil is today managed by Arnaud Couly. In 2005, he wanted to change direction, insisting on working in the vineyard in order to obtain much riper grapes and fruitier wines without losing the notes of freshness. Low extractions, abandonment of aging on wood, very light filtration. Tasting the different vintages of Domaine Couly Dutheil means discovering the different terroirs of the Chinon appellation. Our estate owns 95 hectares in Chinon and 7 hectares in Turquant, in the Saumur and Saumur Champigny appellations. Arnaud Couly Dutheil, great-grandson of Baptiste Dutheil, founder of the Domaine, offers a new facet of the Chinon appellation, favoring the best plots of the Domaine. Monopoly Couly Dutheil Clos de l'Echo and Clos de l'Olive Since the creation of the estate, we have been owners of Clos de l'Echo. Magnificent Clos located opposite the Chinon fortress, on clay-limestone soils, with the presence of blue clays, the same which made the reputation of the legendary Pétrus. Clos de l'Echo allows us to produce a wine combining power and great elegance. “in its ruby ​​case, it delivers a concentrate of red and blue fruits, dried flowers and spices… a full wine, full of elegance…” Smaller, the Clos de l’Olive located at the foot of the clay hillsides. limestone, is remarkable for its subtlety and flexibility. A wine of great finesse and elegance.


Grape(s) Cabernet Franc
Farming Sustainable