Beecher's "Just Jack", cow's milk, Washington 105g

The Just Jack is anything but "just" Jack. It is made using whole milk and tastes of pure cream.



Serving Suggestions

  • Grate and melt over tortillas and add your favorite garnishes for incredible quesadillas and nachos
  • Enjoy in a simple cheese sandwich spread with chutney

Pairing Suggestions

  • Wine: Chardonnay or German Riesling


Beecher's Handmade Cheese is an artisan cheesemaker and retail shop with locations in the Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington and New York City's Flatiron District. The company was founded by Kurt Beecher Dammeier in 2003 and opened in the Pike Place Market after Dammeier obtained a difficult to obtain storefront lease in the Market. Because Dammeier had never been a cheesemaker, he sought out the assistance of Brad Sinko, who helped run a family cheese-making business in Oregon. A second location was opened in 2011 in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.

The Seattle Weekly claims, "The combination of the cracker's buttery crispness with the cheese's subtle but lusty flavor produces organoleptic synergies beyond description: Let it suffice to say, either cheese or cracker is seductive enough; if you don't want to succomb to hopeless addiction from the first bite, exchew the combination..."