2020 Campi Valerio “Fannia” Falanghina del Molise, Molise, Italy

This lip-smacking white is from Molise, one of the smallest wine growing areas in all of Italy.Medium-bodied and incredibly aromatic, this shows an exotic blend of orange, grapefruit and tangerine flavors backed by herbal notes of parsley and tarragon.



This surprising Falanghina is not solely focused on the fruit, but on its steepness and freshness. The color is appealing, nose is delicate and alluring, and varies from complex white citrus fruit and wild flowers, to a slightly salty caper finish. This wine is overflowing with freshness and aromas of crisp green apple with a long, pleasing finish. Enjoy it at its best paired with fish dishes; a revelation paired with Krystale oysters.

Coming from Guyot-trained Falanghina vines which are cultivated in softer clay soils at an altitude on 560 meters. Harvest came in mid-September and vinification and malolactic fermentation took place in stainless steel.


Campi Valerio was founded in 2004. Although a relatively young winery the vineyards themselves were established back in the 17th century by Prince Giovanni Pignatelli, a Neapolitan nobleman, who resided in Monteroduni, Molise.

Since it's founding Campi Valerio has gone from strength to strength expanding its estates. Growing from a single vineyard to the five it holds today, allowing them to produce increasingly diverse and complex wines.

Despite this rapid growth, Campi Valerio has been able to remain true to their Philosophy of producing wines that represent their terroir and promote the regions indigenous grapes. At the same time, they have been able to combine this respect for the old with new techniques to create some truly exciting and unique wines.


Farming Organic