2020 Comtesse De Malet Roquefort Bordeaux Blanc, France

A beautifully bright Bordeaux Blanc blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. Upfront with citrus and mineral aromas with a crisp edge. On the palate you'll find wet stone, grapefruit, melon, and lime zest flavors that are framed by refreshing acidity.



Simple guyot pruning. The ranks are worked every two rows to promote rooting and the aeration of the soil. Stripping, thinning, and sorting of the grapes by density. Vinification and aging takes place in stainless-steel temperature-controlled tanks.


Having settled in Saint-Émilion in 1705, the Malet Roquefort family of Domaines Comte de Malet Roquefort has a history in Bordeaux spanning more than three centuries. A record of vines being planted on this land in Gallo-Roman times shows an even longer history of viticulture, and was confirmed in 1969 by Comte Léo de Malet Roquefort who discovered ruins of the Gallo-Roman Villa du Palat with mosaics depicting vines plantings. Château La Gaffelière, which gained status in 1954 as a Saint-Émilion Premier Grand Cru Classé, is the original estate of the Malet Roquefort family. In 2001, the family united three estates, Château La Gaffelière, Château Chapelle d’Aliénor, and Château Armens, under a single brand: Domaines Comte de Malet Roquefort. Later, in 2008 Château La Connivence also joined the Domaines. Today, the Domaines Comte de Malet Roquefort estates include: Château La Gaffelière, Château Chapelle d’Aliénor, Château Armens, and Château La Connivence. Founded on the four guiding principles of excellence, elegance, authenticity, and independence, the Malet Roqueforts have passed on their traditions, generation after generation, and today Alexandre de Malet Roquefort is at the helm of Domaines Comte de Malet Roquefort. Like his ancestors, he shares a passion for wine and for the Saint-Émilion terroir which they call home.


Grape(s) Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon
Farming Sustainable