2021 Domaine de la Grand'Cour Fleurie "La Chapelle des Bois", Beaujolais, France


The purity of flowers and strawberries is striking on the nose with ripe raspberries in the mouth and gently spiced, biscuity notes. The palate has a very strong, fresh and energetic feel.

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Chapelle des Bois is a single vineyard located just north of the domaine that typically produces the lightest most floral wines of Domaine de la Grand'Cour.


When Jean Dutraive purchased the Domaine de la Grand’Cour in 1969, it was already one of the oldest domaines in Fleurie. The estate encompasses nine hectares divided between three contiguous terroirs: Grand’Cour, Chapelle des Bois, and Champagne. The family also has 1.6 hectares of Brouilly that have been in their holding for five generations. Jean-Louis joined his father in 1977 and took over the domaine in 1989.

The domaine has been certified organic since 2009, but practicing organic for decades prior. Jean-Louis strives to make vins de terroir above all else, and follows the same principles of winemaking for each of his cuvées: hand harvesting, whole-cluster, carbonic fermentation without any added sulfur, native yeasts, and no intervention or addition of oenologic products.

Jean-Louis is a true master of Gamay. In addition to his masterful skill of producing some of the best wines in the Beaujolais, he is also a local legend with a seemingly never-ending supply of saucisson that appears at apéros any time of day.



Vintage 2021
Producer Domaine de la Grand'Cour
Wine Type Red Wine
Grape(s) Gamay
Appellation Fleurie
Region Beaujolais
Country France
Farming Organic