BERTOZZI - Fork Green Napkin 20x20

Lightweight 100% Italian linen napkins hand stamped by Bertozzi with unique designs. 20x20 inch size. 100% natural crumpled linen machine washable no need to iron.


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Bring a sense of fun and colour to your table with these charming handcrafted organic linen napkins. They feature the hand-printed Forchette design, which was made in 1949 by the celebrated Italian artisan, Luigi Bertozzi. Created from the very highest quality, lightweight, naturally crumpled linen, these endearingly distinctive napkins are very versatile – so unique and special that they are perfect matched for a celebratory occasion or for a less formal dining event.

Since 1920, the Bertozzi family have been creating the most wonderful hand-printed and hand-painted fabrics. Using traditional techniques, these master artisans hand-carve blocks of pear wood to produce the stamps they use to print their own designs onto the fabric. The rich and vibrant colours they hand-mix come from closely guarded family recipes that are passed from generation to generation.

Variations in finish or appearance are not considered imperfections, but are the mark of a unique handmade item.