2020 Tardieux Gal Pineau D’Aunis Rosé, Loire Valley, France

A bright, fresh rosé full of just-ripe cherry and strawberry notes. Light on the palate with a refreshing, acid-driven finish.



In 2010, Domaine Tardieux-Gal planted a vineyard of Pineau d’Aunis here. Today, the grapes are perfectly adapted for the creation of a direct-press rosé. The light color and elegant aromas are typical of Pineau d’Aunis. Domaine Tardieux-Gal's vines have been certified organic since 1998. Grapes are hand harvested and vinified with native yeasts, with no added sugar and only a small amount of sulfites used.


As a teenager, Simon Tardieux began working in the vines at a famous organic domaine called Clos Roche Blanche. After university and a short stint as a social worker, he decided to return to Thésée and get back to viticulture – the only problem was that he didn’t have any vineyards. In 2009, Simon teamed up with his neighbor Alain Courtault, who had been farming organically since 1998, but was still selling most of his harvest off to the local coop. Together, they created a range of simple, eminently drinkable wines that showcase the best of French farming, and a decade later, they are bottling all of their grapes. Following Alain's retirement in 2020, vineyard worker Jerome Gal joined Simone as a partner and the domaine was renamed Tardieux-Gal.

Simon took over the domaine gradually, mentored along the way by Alain as he prepared for his retirement. The work in the vineyards goes far beyond following the rules of organic farming. Every decision Simon makes is the result of thoughtful deliberations and an effort to promote a local “paysan” culture between local farmers and winemakers. Simon helps maintain a collective compost pile, has promoted the local historical links to Roman ruins in the area through his cuvée ‘Les Maselles,’ organizes local organic fairs amongst organic winemakers, and works with a local photographer to document the year-round effort of life in the vineyards.

Jerome Gal is originally from Thésée as well, and had worked for eight years in a vineyard nursery before moving over to production. In 2016, he decided to use his vacation time to work harvest with Simon and Alain, one of the few domaines that exclusively hand harvests in the area. He so enjoyed the work that he decided to stick around, and today is a partner with Simon (and is most often found on a tractor in the middle of the vines).


Grape(s) Pineau D’Aunis
Farming Organic