2019 Demarie Barolo, Piedmont, Italy

The wine is garnet red and with orange tinge on aging, intense and complex aroma of red fruit, violet, vanilla and spice. Good structure, full bodied, dry and well balanced in fruit / acid - strong tannins which lessen with time in a decanter.


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Long maceration on the skins, alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Aging 2 years in Slavonian oak barrels.


Barolo has been defined more times the king of the wines; noble and generous known in Italy and to the foreign countries for his austerity, wealth of tastes and of aromas.

Produced south-west of Alba, in a region with rolling hills, which are steeper in some areas, Barolo is a wine with singular and precious characteristics that are determined by the complex geological profile of the area.

Today Barolo is the most esteemed Italian denomination, and the two castles of the Marchese of Barolo and Count Cavour, where it was created, are important oenological centers.


Grape(s) Nebbiolo
Farming Organic