2022 Demarie Moscato D’Asti DOCG, Piedmont, Italy

Fruity with hint of honey, sage and peach. Pairs well with desserts like Panettone.


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Today Moscato grape has found its chosen home in a hilly range of 52 tiny villages running through three provinces in South Piedmont, but the latest scientific research tells us that the moscato was actually the first grape ever cultivated, the progenitor of the entire vinegrowing industry and the mother of all the infinite varieties that have evolved to our days.

Every year this grape is pressed as they used to press it in the seventeenth century.

They use wine-presses with rollers to achieve a smooth pressing, after which the solids, skins and stalks, are separated by means of presses that apply a soft pressure, in order to preserve the full flavour of the grape.

The juice thus obtained is transferred into stainless steel containers and kept cool to prevent fermentation.


Three generations of the Demarie Giovanni family have called the region and the village of Vezza d’Alba home. The family’s hard work, expertise and love of winemaking have, since its founding in 1957, carved out 74 acres that yield spot-on examples of the region’s special terroir.

True to Uva Import’s mission of sourcing the best wines from family owned and operated vineyards, the Demarie story epitomizes that strategy. Paolo and his wife Monica bring backgrounds in finance to the table – and bolster that with a consuming passion for the wine industry. Brother Aldo learned the agricultural side of business firsthand – spending all of his life in the vineyard with his father.

With history reaching into the Middle ages, today the tiny paradise of hills and vineyards is well-known for its sandy terroir that is rich in sea fossil residue. Guyot-trained vines thrive on sunny slopes and alternate with abundant fruit and hazelnut orchards.


Grape(s) Moscato
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