2020 Domaine Bernard Moreau Chassagne-Montrachet, Burgundy, France

Sourced from about 1/3 Chassagne-Montrache and 2/3 from Puligny-Montrachet. Fuller bodied and complex, with notes of green apple, lemon curd and a hint of salinity and vanilla. Minerality and fruit come together for a perfectly balanced Chardonnay.



In the cellar the wines of the Domaine Bernard Moreau are vinified in the traditional way, by carrying out alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in Burgundian pieces, the wooden elevation lasts 18 months followed by bottling. Before bottling, the wines rest in steel for one to three months.


It’s impossible to discuss Chassagne-Montrachet without mentioning the name Bernard Moreau. Year to year, this celebrated producer vinifies and bottles some of the purest, most thought-provoking wines of the appellation. Employing a style of wine making that might best be described as hands-off, Bernard produces Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays that are sensual, opulent and utterly delicious.

The winery’s roots go back to 1809 when Auguste Moreau built a cellar across from the Champs Gain vineyard and farmed his few hectares of Chardonnay and Pinot along the golden slope. The 1930s saw an expansion of the family’s vineyards under the guidance of Marcel Moreau. Roughly 80% of the domaine’s current vineyard holdings were acquired by Marcel. At age 14, Bernard Moreau took over the vineyards and cellar in the early 1960’s. In 1977 the reputation of this great estate was fully established under the leadership of Bernard and Françoise Moreau and the winery was named Domaine Bernard Moreau. In addition to the changes in equipment, farming and wine making, they also purchased additional land bringing the vineyard total to 14 hectares. To help with wine making, viticulture and sales, sons Alex and Benoît joined the Domaine after having worked in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Alex and Benoit have loosely split the responsibilities of the operation with Benoit more focused on the vineyards and Alex more focused on the cellar. Their first vintage was 1995 and they took over control of the vineyards and winemaking in 1999.


Grape(s) Chardonnay
Farming Sustainable