2022 Domaine Gueneau Sancerre "Les Terres Blanches", Loire Valley, France

Powerful yet elegant where fruits are prominent with white grapefruit juice, underripe papaya, and cactus pear. The acid is precise and prickly, bruised sage and resinous hoppy herbaceous notes persist. Shiny white stone finish on the finish.



100% Sauvignon Blanc. 8 months in stainless steel tanks on its lees.


The estate is comprised of 35 acres of vineyards planted on the rather steep slopes that surround the villages of Sury-en-Vaux, Chavignol and Sancerre. 80% of the vines are planted in the calcareous clay soils known locally as “terres blanches,” which give the wine its body, richness and complexity. The other 20% are planted in stony soils that lend lovely fruity notes to the wine. Sauvignon Blanc represents 75% of the production with the rest planted to Pinot Noir. All is done with an environmentally responsible approach to preserve this terroir, an irreplaceable source of such flavorful wines. Working the land, taking care of the soil… daily Elisa strives to find the balance between the vines’ needs and respect of the terroir which has been so generously given to us by Mother Nature. A well-thought-out approach is her priority! She observes her plots throughout the year to care for them as best possible. To respect nature and the environment, she keeps grass between her rows of vines and she works the soil around the base of the vines. We love seeing more women take the helm in the world of winemaking, and this father-daughter duo created beautifully expressive wines worth checking out!


Grape(s) Sauvignon Blanc
Farming Sustainable